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Engine Numbers

Engines for almost all the Australian manufactured Morris 1100s were built in the Australian factory and were stamped with engine numbers that identify them as such.

Exceptions are the early automatic transmission cars fitted with 1,100cc engines. In these cases the entire powerunit was imported from England.

The engine number is stamped onto the engine block just below the spark plug nearest the radiator.
Some examples to help explain: 12 Y D / Ta / H 9045
12 Y / Ta / H 24098
10 AR / A / H 1153
10 Y / Ta / H 34926
Engine capacity: 10 = 1,098cc 12 =1,275cc        
Y = Australian manufacture
AM and AR = imported from England
D = 4.1 final drive (instead of 3.765)  
Ta = Standard ratio gearbox, remote gearlever
A = Automatic transmission
H = High compression
Serial number.