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Body Numbers

Five different variations of the Morris 1100 were built in the Australian factory at Zetland and they can be identified by the BMC vehicle type code.  The example below shows how to interpret the code. 

On Australian built vehicles, the car number is stamped into the bodywork next to the radiator. On cars built before 1969 a plate showing model type, car and engine numbers is rivited to the bulkhead behind the wiper motor. On cars built in 1969 the only identification provided is the type and car number stamped into the body work. 
An example to help explain: Y M G S 2 12045
Origin.   Y = Australian manufacture        
Make name.
= Morris, A = Austin (export market vehicles)
Cubic capacity of engine. G = 1,008cc - 1,399cc  

Body type.     S  = 4 door saloon

Model version.
1. Morris 1100 Deluxe
2. Morris 1100 S (1,275cc)
3. Morris 1100 Automatic
4. Morris 1100 Standard
5. Morris 1100 S Automatic (1,275cc)
Car number.