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Driver's Handbooks

The British 1100 Owners Handbook

Like the car itself, the Driver's Handbook was modified for Australia, and over the 5 year sales run it was improved and updated.

The text and illustrations are very similar to the English version except that the printing is dark green instead of black and the cover is green with black text rather than the white and turquoise.

The Australian Owners Handbook and Passport to Service

Initially printed by The Langlea Printery in the Sydney Suburb of St Peters, and then by Edgar Bragg & Sons, it was coded TP706 by BMC and each revision was defined by a single letter suffix.

The series ran from TP706A to TP706J and the covers became progressively lighter in shade from the dark green of the initial printing to almost lime green of the TP706J.

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Another series, TP772 and TP772A appears to have been printed for cars destined for export.


The most obvious difference is the removal of all references to "Morris", the car being referred to simply as "The 1100" throughout the handbook.



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Langlea Printery logo

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This was issued with a separate "Passport to Service" booklet of vouchers for each required service. A line drawing of the car showing twin front seats of the English car (rather than Australian Bench seat) carried the caption "Australian production introduced January 1964"

tp706a front cover 24,000 mile service voucher

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This was also issued with a separate "Passport to Service" booklet. Almost identical to TP706A, it appears to be a minor update adding such things as a warning that "Service schedules may vary from time to time" and similar trivial detail.

Passport to service
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Contained the passport to service at the front of the Handbook and provided full-page tearout vouchers for 24,000 miles of services. The intro page of the Handbook mistakenly asks you to quote TP706B if reordering the booklet. This version was still being issued in May 1965 even though numerous changes to the cars meant it was about 6 months out of date.

coupon for ordering a new 'Passport to Service'
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The line drawing of the car is now captioned "Australian production introduced January 1965" and this page is now the very first page in the book infront of the the service vouchers instead of after them. The page numbering still begins after the vouchers and runs to page 56 instead of 58 as the line drawing page has been moved outside the numbering sequence. The controls page still depicts the indicator warning lamps in the instrument panel and not on the indicator stalk, even though this printing of the handbook was being issued by major (high turnover) dealerships - such as Lancasters in Sydney - in Jan 1966, than 12 months after the change.

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Changes begin on the front cover with the BMC rosette design different. The controls page finally depicts the indicator warning lamp in its new position on the end of the indicator stalk and the altered warning lamp arrangements on the instrument panel. Lancasters were issuing this version in August 1966.

Early BMC Rosette

Later BMC Rosette

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The cover is a medium green and has a thin plastic protective film covering it.

The back cover bears the print date, 5/66 and it was being issued in the first half of 1967.

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The passport to service now has twice the number of vouchers covering 48,000miles. Bearing a print date 4/67, Lancasters were issuing this one in the second half of 1967 with the 1100 "S" even though it did not cover that model.

48,000 mile text

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Now printed by Edgar Bragg and Sons, the passport to service format is radically changed. It contains four vouchers per page and lasts for 96,000miles The Handbook section covers the 1100 "S" and the automatic gearbox operation. Back cover contains a discaimer regarding changes to specifications without notice, and print date 4/68.

96,000 mile service voucher

The line drawing caption changes once again and finally reflects reality: "Australian production introduced February 1964".
Line Drawing of Morris 1100

Australian production introduced February 1964

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