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Australian Brochures

The 1964 Australian Brochure

Several versions of this brochure were produced by BMC in Sydney for the launch of the 1100 in Australia.

As only one model, the De Luxe, was offered the brochure went to great length to explain the space efficient front wheel drive mechanical layout and the new, unconventional Hydrolastic suspension.

A version was also printed for cars destined for New Zealand with all references to Morris replaced with Austin.  The badging was also substituted with Austin equivalents but the Morris grille and fascia(dashboard) retained.

cover page of 1964 brochure and 1965-66 export brochure
1964 promotional postcard

This little postcard was also produced by BMC in Sydney for the launch of the 1100 in Australia.

The reverse side has a description of the revolutionary new features on the left and blank space for the dealer stamp and address of the prospective customer on the right.

The 1967 Australian Brochure

This brochure was produced by BMC in Sydney for the expansion of the 1100 range late in 1967. Presumably because the car's unconventional suspension and mechanical layout had become well known by this time, this brochure concentrated on the features that differentiated the four models available:
The Automatic, the 1100 "S", the Standard and the De Luxe.

The brochure is full of large pictures.

front page of 1967 brochure

front page of 1966 Morris 1100 accessories brochure


Approved accessories brochures.

More from BMC Australia. 1964 version (below) had a nifty cutout cover page around the picture of the car and was 8 pages in all. The 1966 version (left) was a more conventional 4 page brochure. Both were issued with the owner's handbook.

front page of sales rep leaflet

Automatically BMC

This A5 sized 4 page leaflet was issued to BMC sales reps and covered all the necessary information required to demonstrate the new automatic models.

front page of 1964 Morris 1100 accessories brochure