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The Miraculous BMC Morris 1100 - now more miraculous than ever

the silky-smooth automatic
that's also a sporty
4-speed manual

Now there's a new enjoyment to driving the miraculous Morris 1100 Automated Stickshift . . . the first successful automatic for medium engined cars. And no wonder. Everything about B.M.C. Automated Stickshift is different. 4 automatic gears instead of 2 or 3, so there's no loss in performance. Extreme compactness . . . PLUS the dual per­sonality of this remarkable new automatic. It's a smooth-shifting auto­matic. It's a sporty 4-speed manual-with no clutch to push. Just click the lever from one gear to the other for smooth, instantaneous changes from the fastest-changing gearbox on the market. You've never driven an automatic . . . or manual . . . like Automated Stickshift . . . the automatic you can use as a manual, too.

A new pace to pleasure the spirited
performance of Morris 1100 S

with 63 b.h.p. engine.

Now there's an even livelier 1100 on the road ... the BMC Morris 1100 S with an optional 63 b.h.p. engine that makes Morris 1100 a real hot shot in the performance department. 0-50 in 11 seconds. A top speed of better than 85 m.p.h. A highway cruising speed that brings distances closer than ever before. And, of course, with the advanced set-up of front-wheel drive to whip you through the corners, disc brakes and fully independent Hydrolastic* fluid suspension ... the 1100 S feels absolutely safe ... whatever the road and circum­stances. Going places fast? Get behind the wheel of Morris 1100 S. You've never driven a car like it ... a car that's so many years ahead of its time.

BMC Morris 1100
De Luxe
-the car that made
motoring history.

Miraculous! That's how experts summed up the Morris 1100 De Luxe. For here is a car years ahead of its time, with a brilliant array of advanced engineering features. The fantastic cornering of front-wheel drive. The superb ride of Hydrolastic* float-on-fluid suspension. Disc brakes ... features that other manufacturers are still talking about. Why not enjoy the excitement of tomorrow's features today-in a spacious car that fills all your family needs?

Morris 1100 Standard .. unsurpassed value
the leader in its class

Looking for value in a medium-sized motor car? With Morris 1100 Standard you'll get much more than you bargained for. For a start, the 1100 has windscreen washers, front-seat safety belts and chiidproof locks. And there's plenty of space, too! Ample stretch-out seating for 4 to 5 adults. An out­sized rear-window shelf. A 9½ cubic foot boot. Two big glove boxes to take all your family's odds and ends. Finish. Excellent. And like all BMC cars you get lifelong protection from a body that is fully protected against rust by BMC's exclusive 7 skin Rotodip process. lst-class safety with sure corner­ing front-wheel drive, disc brakes and Hydrolastic fluid suspension. Equipped with one sunvisor, one ashtray. Heaterldemister and parcel shelf not fitted on this model. Seats trimmed in Cordoba printed
P.V.C. coated fabric.    MORRIS 1100 DE-LUXE ILLUSTRATED