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it floats on fluid

Dramatically different from bonnet to boot, styled to look like the future, with stretch-out comfort for four or five and the safest ride on wheels, the miraculous BMC Morris 1100 is the compact car that puts the family first! Curise all day at 35 m.p.g. Stop on disc brakes at the front. Relax handling a frontwheel drive that takes the trials out of traffic. Get into the BMC Morris 1100 and go - you've never driven a family car like it!

it floats on fluid - the revolutionary 'Hydrolastic'* suspension

Five years ago BMC engineers rejected the theory that suspension design must compromise two conflicting ideals - riding and handling. Starting from first principles, they searched for the breakthrough that would resolve both problems at one brilliant stroke. The result is 'Hydrolastic'* suspension, the world's most advanced fluid ride, perfected in the miraculous BMC Morris 1100 to eliminate every complication that makes other cars' suspensions oldfashioned. How does it work? 'Hydrolastic'* suspension employs intercoupled units which automatically control fluid displacement, preserving the balance to give a sensationally smooth, controlled ride.

With few moving parts, no glands to leak, no shock absorbers, no metal springs, maintenance is entirely eliminated. Shovel it into corners, race it over potholes, it can't bounce, can't roll, can't pitch. A cushion of fluid thinks for itself, damping out road shock, staying straight and level. The fluid is antirust and anti-freeze, sealed into the system for life. Add an extremely low gravity centre and you'll see why cornering and road holding are phenomenal.

Forget... the radiator. A special tank absorbs expansion, feeds it back after expansion. You hardly ever need to top Up. FORGET the oil filter. A warning light on the fascia panel tells you when it's time to change the element. FORGET suspension troubles. There are few moving parts, no maintenance ever. FORGET the worries of greasing. Only four lubrication points to need attention, every 3,000 miles. FORGET fading brakes. Outsize disc brakes, fitted on front wheels, mean an end to fading and failing. FORGET little fingers. The doors are fitted with childproof safety locks. FORGET engine and road noise. The'Hydrolastic'* suspension can't squeak, the engine is rubber-mounted on the sub-frame, the body is rigid, welded steel, the aerodynamic body wind-tunnel tested for 'hush'.

Remember... the Miraculous BMC Morris 1100 is the car that puts the family first. Dramatically different, exciting to own, a hands-down winner for economy.
yet it's only 12 feet 2¾ inches in length

Compact's the word for BMC Morris 1100. You don't park more car than you use. The space is where you want it, on the inside, with stretch-out room for four or five in the contoured comfort of foam-plastic seating. An outsize rear window shelf, a 9½ cubic feet boot, a full-length parcel shelf under the fascia and two big glove boxes eat up the packages and luggage. Side windows are curved to provide additional space from waist to shoulder. An ultra-wide curved windscreen with total coverage by the wipers.

How can 12 feet, 2¾ inches provide so much inside space?

Because the big-performance power plant is set East-West on the frame for maximum access with maximum convenience. And the front wheel drive that sticks to the road like the yellow line down the middle, delivers its power directly, with no humped transmission shaft to restrict the comfort inside the car. Although it parks in spaces other cars couldn't look at, the miraculous BMC Morris 1100 has more passenger room than many big limousines.

elegant lines, eye-stopping colour schemes make BMC Morris 1100 the car to be seen in!

Engineering genius! The famous East-west engine, with front wheel drive, packs clutch, gearbox and transmission into one amazing unit. Based on the famous 'A' series BMC engine with an output of nearly 50 b.h.p., the miraculous BMC Morris 1100 is so well balanced for power-to-weight that the performance is outstanding. Sports car braking multiplies safety and comfort, with big disc brakes on the ront whee s an a pressure-limiting valve between master cylinder and rear brake drums to balance the 'stop' in both wet and dry conditions. The instrument fascia groups controls for glance-redding. The steering wheel has a deep, sunk centre for safety.
Parcel trays are padded on the edge. Anchorage points for seat belts are fitted. The remote control gear lever is fitted to the floor and contoured to the seat for smooth, fast, sporty changes. More hush! Quiet's the word for BMC Morris 1100. Sound insulation is maximum, with a thick felt underlay to the rubber floormats. Rubber mounted sub-frames dampen the noise front and rear. The 'Hydrolastic' *suspension and independent four wheels, insulates road noise and shock. Rust protection inside and out matches.BMC's world beating standard. Elegant lines, eye-stopping colour schemes, make BMC Morris 1100 the car to be seen in. *Regd. Trade Mark