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Morris 1100 leaps in the air

Modifications for Australia

Before putting the car into production in Australia, BMC imported nine 1100s from England and converted them to the specifications previously decided.

The cars were then subjected to a combined total of 186,000 miles of testing across all states taking in every possible variety of local conditions, from the heat and bulldust of Arnhem Land to the snows of Mount Kosciusko.

The result was 37 modifications designed to ensure that the cars not only conformed to the tastes of Australian motorists but would also stand up to the extremes of climate and the worst of outback roads.

  1. Bench seat of new design fitted instead of bucket front seats
  2. Handdbrake relocated at driver's right.
  3. Gear lever reshaped to fit bench seat.
  4. Rear seat cushion and squab redesigned for greater headroom and comfort.
  5. Interior trim re-designed.
  6. Adjustable armrests fitted to front doors.
  7. Front vent windows re-designed for better fitting and sealing - and to prevent rattles
  8. Door window-winders modified for smoother and lighter operation.
  9. Door locks modified to prevent jamming of wedges and rack with dust.
  10. New colour range selected; dash and engine painting changed.
  11. Rubber floor mat designed.
  12. Sound-deadening treatment Im­proved.
  13. Spare-wheel mounting changed to delete clamp, give firmer mounting and make it easier to check tyre pressures.
  14. New-type moulded rubber mat designed for boot.
  15. Different boot handle and number plate light adopted.
  16. Door cubbies and parcel shelf sprayed with flock to give better finish and prevent objects rattling in in them
  17. Front numberplate bracket fitted to raise numberplate.
  18. Stone guards fitted to fuel tank, fuel pump and fuel-pump wiring.
  19. Lettering added on Instrument panel to identify switches and controls.
  20. Body reinforcements fitted where required to eliminate minor cracking at high mileages on rough roads.
  21. New exhaust mounting fitted to prevent failures on rough roads.
  22. Choke cable rerouted to prevent rattles.
  23. Dirt and dust sealing of remote gearshift improved to prevent dust entry.
  24. New-type door and boot-lid seals fitted and many minor modifications to body sealing carried out to prevent dust entry.
  25. Engine distributor revised to suit local fuel.
  26. Seat belt upper attachment relocated to a more efficient position.
  27. New type steering rack fitted to suit local production (subsequently also used on Morris 850).
  28. Handbrake cable guides modified to prevent sticking of cable due to mud build-up.
  29. Locally produced tyres (of heavier ply rating) developed and approved.
  30. Additional rubber boot fitted to front suspension displacers to prevent mud entry.
  31. Relocated turning indicator flasher unit (now behind speedo) which also gives audible warning as well as visual warning.
  32. Local battery fitted to better suit local production.
  33. Clamp-type battery terminals fitted (preferred in Australia)
  34. Safety catch fitted to radiator cap.
  35. Local air-mix heater developed, also providing cool air ventilation for summer.
  36. Improved sun visor and attachment.
  37. Modified bonnet buffer and stiffened bonnet to prevent flutter.
Ularu (Ayres Rock) Northern Territory Mt Kosciusko Pushing the suspension to its limit