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White Morris 1100

I was fortunate enough to spend some time on the south island of New Zealand in 2001 and was delighted to find many BMC and Leyland cars still in daily use. It was not unusual to see an 1100/1300 parked in a suburban Christchurch street like this white Morris, or in the car park of a Pack'n'Save supermarket like this red Austin.

red Austin 1300
This Austin 1300 from the Greymouth area on the west coast appeared to be a workhorse. It has a sturdy towbar and socket for trailer lighting. White Austin 1300 White Austin 1300

Green Austin 1300

Unfortunately for its Canadian backpacker owner, this olive green one snapped one of its rubber universal joints on the highway between Queenstown and Wanaka. After a quick look under the bonnet to explain the problem, gave him and his mate a lift to the next town so they could organise a tow... hope everything worked out OK for them!

Red 1100
Green 1300 Green 1300 White 1100 S
Yellow Mk1 Austin 1100 Yellow Mk1 Austin 1100 With only one exception, all the BMC 1100/1300s I saw were Mark2 versions. This sandy coloured Mark1 spotted in the town of Hanmer Springs was an Australian made vehicle which left the Sydney factory wearing Austin badges front and rear, 'A' hubcaps and horn push - but Morris Mk1 dash with two open gloveboxes and A40 Farina style 'needle' speedo, rather than the Austin ribbon type.
Orange Marina Morris and Leyland Marinas spring up from time to time - this tidy one spotted in the suburbs north of Christchurch. Orange Marina
Olive Austin Maxi The Austin Maxi also provides daily transport for some, especially in hilly Dunedin where Baldwin Street is reputed to be the steepest street in the world... The Maxi's bigger motor must be an advantage climbing the many steep streets as significant numbers of Triumph 2000/2500s trundle around Dunedin too. White Austin Maxi
Orange Austin Maxi Orange Austin Maxi Purple Austin Maxi


Austin Allegro
Austin Allegro This Austin Allegro was spotted in Invercargill, the southern most major town in New Zealand. The Allegro was the successor to the 1100/1300 in the UK, but never released in Australia.