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His Morris 1100 Her Morris 1100
Like a tough, family-size compact that'll stick to the road like the yellow line? -
A car that'll carry you, three of your heavier mates and their gear without scrimping on leg or elbow room?
A front-wheel drive car, complete with disc brakes, four on the floor, and a body protected by the best rust-proofing process in Australia?
OK girls, you like a car that't easy to drive and a snap to park?
A'car that'll hold Saturday's shonning, the kids (a couple of their friends) and your mother-in-law?
A car that comes complete with safety belts, child-proof door Frocks, roomy parcel shelf under the dash, heater­demister and a boot you don't have to be a weight lifter to load-just open it up and slide the parcels in.
Then you'll like a tough, family-sized compact like the
Morris 1100.
The only thing not tough about the 1100 is the trade-in deal you'll get.
See a soft hearted BMC Dealer soon.
Him and her with Morris 1100 A car whose petrol consumption won't take a big bite out of the budget?
We think you'll like the Morris 1100, too.  Just like your husband did. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Morris 1100 De Luxe-$2,059.00
Morris 110OS-$2,136.00
Morris 1100 Automatic-$2,327.00
Prices slightly higher in some country, areas.
footer: The accomodating Morris 1100