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His Morris 1100 Her Morris 1100
Title: His    Hers
This is your kind of car.
With a body that's built to last. Protected by the best rustproofing process in Australia. lt'll keep looking good for as long as you keep it.
And then some.
A car that holds the road the way a car should - because It's front wheel drive. Which puts the engine weight over the driving wheels. And the driving wheels control the steering.
On the other hand, the Morris 1100 is her kind of car, too.
It's not too big - you can prove this point with any parking space.
It's not too small, either.
It'll hold Saturday's shopping, the kids (a couple of their friends) and your mother-in-law quite comfortably.
It has a heater to keep the cold out.
Child-proof door locks to keep the kids in.
A ventilation system to Cool things down.
Smooth-riding Hydrolastic suspension.
A car with enough room for you, three of your heavier friends and all their gear.
A car fitted with disc brakes and safety belts as standard equipment.
This is your kind of car.
This is the Morris 1100
Made by BMC whose Dealers make your kind of trade-in deals.
See one soon.

Him and Her with Morris 1100 A boot you don't have to be a weight lifter to load just
open it up and slide the parcels in.
And a petrol consumption that won't put a dent in the budget.
Try a Morris 1100 soon.
In the colour of your choice.
At any BMC Dealer.

Morris 1100 De Luxe-$2,059.00
Morris 110O S -$2,136.00
Morris 1100 Automatic-$2,327.00
Prices slightly higher in some country, areas.

Footer: The accomodating Morris 1100