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The British Motor Corporation of Australia released the Morris 1100 on Feburary 17th 1964, declaring:      "Its The Car You Hoped Would Happen"

And it was!... Australians went into a buying frenzy which saw dealer stocks sold out in the first two weeks and a six week waiting list develop. By August more than 11,000 had found eager new owners but BMC Australia struggled to keep up with the demand. The most popular colours, white and green, were still wait-listed a fortnight at Christmas.

Nearly 90,000 were built during its 5½ year production run. But, some 50 years later, survivors are relatively scarce.

Five years later, in June 1969, BLMC Australia introduced the uniquely Australian Morris 1500 series to replace the 1100 range.

Built at the Zetland factory in Sydney (just like the 1100) it was initially promoted as "The Civilized Sports Car".
While it was certainly more powerful than the 1100, clearly it wasn't a sports car.

Despite its troubled start, approximately 21,000 sedans and 8,000 Nomads were produced over 2½ years before production ceased at the end of 1971.
The production line was then converted to build the "Australianised" Morris Marina.

The purpose of this website is to help and encourage the preservation and restoration of surviving Australian Morris 1100-1300-1500-Nomads by collecting and sharing knowledge and information about these increasingly rare cars. If you own (or used to own) one or are restoring one, I'd be interested to hear about it. Send a photo if you have one!

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