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Now Australia's outstanding 6 cylinder car is even more so
Austin X6 Kimberley and Tasman have already proved themselves as outstanding road cars. They offered advanced engineering, comfort and safety features unsurpassed by any other six cylinder car in Australia. And now, we present to you the Austin X6 MKII Kimberley, and the Austin X6 MKII Tasman. Two new models very much like their predecessors. But even more refined. Even more outstanding.

Styling MKII

front bucket seats

The Austin X6 MKII isn't a completely re-styled car. But it gives you that impression. It's cleaner. Fresher. It's got that look that'll look good for years and years to come. Apart from the MKI I badges, you can tell the MKII Kimberley and Tasman by their twin rear bumpers, separated by a thick


rubber strip. The rubber strip isn't just for show. It means you can get a bump in the rear, without getting a permanent dent in the rear. And you can tell the MKII Tasman and Kimberley apart because the latter has a striking black painted rear deck.

Comfort MK II

Kimberley in the snow

Inside both cars, the MKII differences are even more apparent.Once you open the door of the MKII Kimberley you'll notice the new, smarter door trim. You'll also notice the door to door carpet. It's thicker, and of richer texture than before. The front bucket seats have been given more shape, to give you more support and comfort than before. They also have built-in head restraints. And there is a central armrest with a built-in ashtray. Not forgetting the rear seat passengers, they also get a central armrest. And it even folds away. Like the MKII Kimberley, the MKII Tasman receives door to door carpets.

More comfortable front and rear seats. The front bench seat also featuring built-in head restraints.
The MKII comfort story wouldn't be complete without informing you that both cars, Kimberley and Tasman, have more leg room than most other family cars available. In fact, 80% of the car's space is for the passengers and luggage. But that's another story.

Performance MK II

The MKII Kimberley and Tasman, like their predecessors, feature Leyland's space saving east-west engine arrangement.

Safety MK II

The MKII Kimberley and Tasman, like their earlier counterparts, have a comprehensive list of safety features. Apart from excellent roadholding, braking and acceleration, these cars feature rack and pinion steering. Excellent all round vision. Child proof door locks. Steering column lock. Front and rear seat belts. Recessed door handles. Burstproof door locks.

The cabin structure of the Austin X6 MKII is exceptionally strong and the engine, because it is mounted across the car, acts as a super-strong buffer.

And the same powerful six cylinder overhead camshaft engine. Add to this big disc brakes up front, and all independent suspension; and it's not hard to see why both cars give you outstanding all round performance.Leyland Australia emblem



To protect your Austin X6 MKII against rust we put it through an exclusive 7 stage rustproofing process we call Roto-dip. We hope you'll never need any of these safety features, but isn't it nice to know they are there?