Road Tests
The Austin X6 Kimberley and Tasman were much anticipated and mostly well received by the Motoring Press.
Wheels Magazine Jan 1971 - Yellow Kimberley on cover

"Austins hit the Button" proclaims the headline of this article at the time of the cars' release. The article goes on to boast that the prices and specifications the magazine predicted 3 months previously had been very close - closer than any other magazine predicted.

It points out that the restyled Austin 1800 body has identical cockpit dimensions, uses a 6 cylinder version of the 4 cylinder OHC E-series engine used in the Morris 1500 - simply adding 2 more cylinders of the existing bore & stroke. Front brake discs are one inch larger in diameter too. All this floats on the well proven Hydrolastic suspension and weighs 34 pounds less than the 1800.

Inside, there is new seating - bench front seat and rubber floor in the basic Tasman, bucket seats and plush carpets in the Kimberley. Both get flow through ventilation, hazard flashers, heater demister and revised plastic dashboard layout with round dials.

A pre-release test car could not be made available for a full test.

Wheels road test March 1973 - Brown Kimberley "The Hit-And-Miss Kimberley II"

This headline reflects the reputation of the Kimberley two years after its launch. The article explains that where the car is good, it is very good but in some areas it is well below its rivals.

Plus points: interior space (more leg room than rivals), seat comfort, quality of trim, handling and roadholding, quietness, brakes.

Minus points: performance(Kimberley now only single carb), gearchange, driving position(steering wheel angle), styling of dash and cabin furnishings

Summary: "By average standards it's an excellent car."