Title: Two brilliant new cars from the makers of Rover, Daimler and Jaguar

At last the kind of car Austrailian motorists have been waiting for. The new Kimberley X6 and Tasman X6 from British Leyland. Two new cars built with the idea that luxury motoring should he within the reach of everyone.
The Kimberley X6. Powered by a big transverse 6 cylinder overhead camshaft engine that develops 115 b.h.p. Twin SU carburettors. Power assisted 10½" disc brakes up front Heater/demister. Deep pile carpet . Body contoured bucket seats. Personal ventilation. Head rests. Cigar ligher. All independent suspension. A fully instrumented dash. All the things other cars call extras, the Kimberley calls standard equipment.

The Tasman X6 The most noticable difference is the single head lights And the spacious bench seats of the manual version. The automatic has bucket sea like the Kimberley. The Tasman is fitted with long-wearing rubber mats throughout. And is power by the same 6 cylinder power unit. The Tasman also is equipped the heater/ demister, power assisted disc brakes, independent supension, personal ventilation. Both cars, Kimberley and Tasman, offer all the comfort, safety, performance and engineering excellence you'd expect from the people who build Rover, Daimler and Jaguar At a price everybody can afford.
Photo of Kimberley and Tasman





Price from $2,598

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