Morris Family Album Brochure

Title: advertising material

The Morris family Album

Introducing four new cars.

Probably these four cars look much the same to you.  But as you flick through the pages of this brochure you'll realise each one is different.  Each has a personality of its own. Some have bucket seats. Some have bench seats.  Two have door to door carpets. Two have not. Depending on what you want.  One is automatic. Two have an overdrive gearbox. (more about that later).

Why all these options?  We figured that different people want different things in a new car.  Whats right for you isn't necessarily right for your neighbour.  So we give you a choice.  Not one or two, but of six different models.  It's these four that this brochure is all about.

The Morris 1500 O/D5.

The O/D5 stands for overdrive. It means you can squeeze even more from each gallon. it means better performance for less effort.  Normally to get the advantages of overdrive you would have to buy a terribly expensive car.  The Morris 1500 O/D5 is the first economical family car to offer overdrive.  This model has bench seats and soft washable upolstery (ideal for children, dogs and icecream).

Like all the cars shown in this brochure it has the proven safety advantages of front wheel drive and Hydrolastic suspension.  Seat belts are of course standard.  So too are childproof door locks.

There are over 400 Austin Morris centres in Australia equipped to service your new car. Probably there's one near your hairdresser, ladies.

The Morris 1500 O/D5/LP

Once again the O/D5 indicates the car is equipped with overdrive.  The LP tag stands for luxury pack.  And that stands for deep pile door to door carpets and bucket seats added to the already present luxuries of  heater demister and padded facia. The bucket seats are body contoured - they fit you instead of you having to fit them.

If you have always wanted a luxury car, but havn't been able to afford one, then take a good look at the Morris 1500 O/D5/LP.  it has all the comforts and feel of a much more expensive car without the frightening price tag.

The Luxury Pack

Just because you have not been left an incredible inheritance doesn't mean that you shouldn't get a little luxury in life.  We give you luxury in two versions.  Manual or Automatic.  Both have body contoured bucket seats in front and a big three seater in back. The cars are fitted throughout in deep pile carpet moulded to fit tight into every corner.  The padded dash panel is finished in wood grain and even the parcel tray is attractively trimmed.  The gear stick which controls the new overdrive gearbox has a simulated wood knob just like those expensive GT cars.  The automatic gearbox has four speeds (most have two or three) and you can change up or down manually or let the gearbox do it for you automatically.  Both cars have a real luxury look and feel which is enhanced by a tasteful chromium strip down the sides.  You could drive these cars for weeks and weeks on end and arrive fresh and relaxed.  And just in case you do want to drive for weeks on end, we've given you a boot big enough to carry all you'll ever need.

The Morris Nomad O/D5.

The Nomad has all the advantages of the overdrive gearbox, and the same mechanical refinements as the 1500 O/D5.  It looks a little different from behind.  For a good reason.  At the back the Nomad has a huge fifth door that opens upward on pressurised air cylinders.  Even a child can operate it.  It gives you an incredibly large boot area.  Or you can fold the seats down and have as much space as a double bed.  You can even use it as such.  The Morris Nomad O/D5 is really quite unique.  It offers the versatility of a station wagon, with the comfort of a sedan.



The Nomad O/D5 at work.

Remember the old idea of town-and-country cars?  The idea that the car would work with you 5 days a week, and relax with you at the weekends.  We've updated the idea.  A lot of proprietors of smaller businesses run two cars.  One for work. One for home. You don't have to be a maths wizard to add up how much extra that costs.  The Nomad O/D5 will do anything a station wagon can, and still offer all the advantages and styling of a sedan.  One car. two jobs.

The Morris Family Heritage.

The Morris 1500 is powered by a newly developed 1500cc overhead camshaft engine.  It turns out 73 bhp, and gets you between points A and B very rapidly.  To stop you just as rapidly, the cars are equipped with big disc brakes up front.  The wheels and tyres are fatter to hold the road even more firmly, without sacrificing one inch of manoeuvrability.  Three of the models are fitted with overdrive.  It eats up long distances without strain or fuss.  All models include seat belts, heater demister and windscreen washers as standard equipment.

Built to keep going long after the others stop.

These four cars are built in Australia by British Leyland.  It's the same company that builds Rover, Daimler and Jaguar.  Everyone has respected this trio for years.  And these new Morris cars are built with the same standards in mind.  having a new car is one thing. having a tested and Proven car is another.  So to prove the 1500 is as good as we say, we tortured one through 15,000 miles in just 10 days.  It never missed a beat.  And that's not amazing really, when you consider the engineering exclusives: East-West engine, Hydrolastic suspension, Rotodip anti-rust process...the list goes on and on.  And so do the cars.